The term "HypeBeast" is a term which appeared at the end of 2005, it is a term used in the world of streetwear and it is the assembly of two words.

"HYPE" or 'extravagant advertising'
Are we talking about a new fashion, a new trend or even a new garment?

It is a term in the slang language which shows someone who has an exceptional talent, in this case the hypebeast's enthusiasm for fashion. Early discussions of hypebeast, including the first article in the Urban Dictionary in March 2005, associated hypebeast in the late 1990s and early 2000s with male culture for sneakers.

A term is known to describe these people who collect sneakers at extraordinary prices: sneakerhead, term which means "shoe heads" in French, which does not really make sense ...)

The term has been attributed to rather affluent teens who are very inclined to buy high-end streetwear brands. But above all expensive sports shoes coveted by fans of sneakers. Some of the more determined can wait for entire nights in front of stores to get THE pair of shoes of their dreams and expand their collection. We give you time and money is not given to everyone ...

These Hypebeasts like to keep their image on social media by projecting a certain lifestyle. It is also for this reason that being treated with Hypebeast can be wrong.

In 2005, Kevin Ma, a sneaker enthusiast and college student, created a website to document his fashion interests. He chose to call his site: Hypebeast which translates less literally by "shoe hunters". His site quickly became very popular, he is today a reference in streetwear and you can find on this site, articles on fashion, new technologies, design or even music. The popularity of its site has greatly contributed to preserving the term "hypebeast".


While the Hypebeast website adopts the term, hypebeast tends to make fun of someone who draws attention for their style. The term Hypebeast also tends to refer to men and men's street clothing

What about women?

Women have not been forgotten, the Hypebeast website has been created on a site dedicated to women's fashion. This site is Hypebae, a site very similar to that of hypebeast except that it is run by women for women. The name includes the term slang bae, a term of affection often applied to an important person.

The extravagant world of streetwear

In this extravagant world of streetwear there are many English slang terms to define very specific things.

So fashionable clothes and new trends are called "hypebeasty"

The word Hypebeast can also be used as a verb. It can simply mean "acting like a hypebeast", more clearly, it's chasing after all the new fashions and models of sneakers and using all your money for clothes. In the end it is a bit what you could call a "fashion addict".

Here are already good explanations on the term of hypebeast and all the drifts, we will avoid going into details to avoid getting lost because there are still dozens of very specific complex terms

Hypebeasts tend to buy the clothes for the logo and the brand represented, sometimes they exclude their personal tastes for the purchase of a garment because they understand the value that the garment really has. They buy everything the brand puts on the market and dress to impress others with a high-top t-shirt or even a sweatshirt. These brands can be: Supreme, Bathing Ape, Billionaire Boys Club and many other prestigious streetwear brands

Hypebeasts are very fond of sneakers like Air Jordans and Nike Skateboarding. These shoes are not found in shopping malls and are limited. The prices of the shoes vary between 100 and 5000 € and that, even if they were worn

Obviously it is not because someone buys a supreme hoodie or nike air sneakers that he will be a Hypebeast. Everyone would love to wear these brands but only the real specialists are hypebeast!

The term Hypebeast has its roots in the culture of streetwear, although there is no precise definition of what streetwear is. The term was first democratized in 2012 by rapper Trinidad James in his song "All Gold Everything", which says: "Hypebeasts we know abouthea '/ Don't buy shoes unless they popular."

If you want to know more about the origins of general streetwear we have written an article specifically on that which details everything you absolutely need to know!

1. You like to mix brands and make your own style

If you are a real hypebeast, you must have streetwear marks from head to toe. Besides, your outfit is not necessarily matched, but for you as long as each piece is unique you are happy. Some of them coordinate the colors, but others do not give importance to it.

You are the type to pair Bape with an oversized Givenchy shirt, jeans from another brand with accessories from a completely different brand.

2. You are proud of your sneaker collection

If you are a real hypebeast, you must have a room or at least a corner of your house dedicated to your collection of sneakers and all your clothing style. This is also the first thing people notice when they come to your house. Some people call it a "sanctuary" but you call it a wardrobe. This is the place where all the fashion brands you love are found, between sportswear, streetwear and elegance.

3. You only buy what is known

If you are a real hypebeast you are not likely to buy from any brand of streetwear that you find on the Internet. You like to select popular brands that everyone is talking about, you're even looking for references on hypebeast.com

You have no interest in guessing which brand will be the next to rise in the world of streetwear. Your only goal and take what is already working.

4. You are more strongly influenced by celebrity clothing

If you are a real hypebeast, you are easily persuaded by what celebrities are wearing. For example if travis-scott or Kanye West wear a new pair for a concert your only goal will be to get the same pair

You closely follow a lot of famous rappers and superstars to be aware of the latest trends.

5. You prepare for each outing

No matter where you go as soon as you go out you need to prepare and it can take several hours.

Your worst enemy is haste. It's hard to focus on appearance when someone is rushing you. But whatever happens, if you have to go out to participate in any event you will end up being prepared in your best outfit!

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