Featuring #2: Clemens Kuchinka, Austrian's Streetwear blogger


What is the common ground between Streetwear culture and ice Hockey? None?

Can't be more wrong! Let me introduce you to this 25 years old Austrian prodigy named Clemens Kuchinka: With almost 89,000 followers on Instagram and a name forged in the Hockey team of EC Kitzbühel, Clemens also has time to develop his company SNKREMPIRE, one of the reference for sneakers and streetwear new drops. With a curriculum like this, I was wondering if Clemens even had a weakness (yes, yes, everyone has, I know...), so I decided to ask him directly a few questions to find out.


So Clemens, tell us who you are -the person, not necessarily the blogger-?

(Sight) Good question! I would say a normal guy who loves his sport ice Hockey, and loves to takes photos not only streetwear stuff also normal stuff like landscape ...

Your biggest influences -anything from a movie to your parents-?

Parents 😉.

Back to Streetwear🔥 What are some timeless clothes that will always work?

Air Max 1, simple normally jeans, The North Face jackets.

What styles do you see coming back in style?

Let's take a risky bet; I would say stuff like Ed Hardy, maybe.

What’s the future of Streetwear?

Well, there are too many different style coming out every week, but I really can’t figure out which one is the future!

From what I see, not only in Streetwear, but how science fiction is catching at a fast-paced our ever-changing world, I think some future stuff like the self-laces-stuff from Nike or some Adidas futurecraft soles, and also some high-tech clothing! 


What would you have done differently if you knew then what you know now?

Maybe don’t buy so much useless clothes and shoes 😂😂😂.


What’s the best advice you ever received?

You always should do what makes you happy and go where you have a lot of fun.


What’s your best advice for handling criticism?

Don't listen to it.

Your favorite ice cream?

Lemon 😍😍😍

Thanks for your answers, Clemens. For more info follow these links:

Instagram: @c__k_

Website: snkrempire.com


- Interview by Yukio Hishika -