In recent years in streetwear fashion, whether on the side of men or women, the border between what we used to call "streetwear" and haute couture has become increasingly blurred.

In recent seasons, historic and important haute couture houses have also teamed up with skatewear / streetwear brands. We can also notice it quite easily, loose hoodies are very present in skateparks. They have become the skateboarder's ultimate accessory.

We are in the midst of a new fashion climate, the brands that have always defended and popularized this style continue to promote it through different activities and style variations. After all, that's what makes our community of streetwear enthusiasts what we are, right?

To expand your culture and allow you to expand your wardrobe, we will review the best streetwear brands. These brands are, on their scale, a pillar for the development of streetwear clothing.


How did Stussy appear?

It all started when Shawn Stussy, the creator of the brand, began to jot down his last name on his handmade surfboards. He used a marker and this is how special the logo was born. Contrary to the history of the Nike logo, we can say that it was a fairly simple research. This logo quickly found its place on the brand's oversize t-shirts, hoodies and everything in between. We owe a lot to Shawn Stussy because without him, Streetwear, in its purest sense, might never have seen the light of day, and its line of graphic T-shirts in the 1980s either.

The importance of Stussy in the world of streetwear

Stussy's legacy is incredible. The fact that the original hand-drawn logo has stood the test of time and still seems as current and is even the key to Stussy's success places this brand in a league reserved for very few of the most influential brands!

Stussy laid the foundations of an industry that did not exist barely twenty years ago. With all the visual inspirations of the past and an avant-garde creative vision using the most talented creators in the world, the brand is an institution that will always be held in high esteem.


How did Palace become a streetwear icon?

If there is indeed a streetwear brand that represents and embodies the London skate scene, it's Palace! In just 10 years, the British label has grown from an underground brand for skateboards and T-shirts to one of the most respected names in men's fashion. Their eccentric style stands out from the crowd and the logo is once again an important part of Palace's success.

For those who don't know Palace Skateboards

Palace Skateboards is a streetwear brand launched in 2009. It has exploded in the last 8 years and is now standing alongside the giants Supreme, Bape and Stussy, Palace is the leader in skatewear. It is a brand strongly influenced by popular culture. What sets it apart from others? It's simple, its unique British side has made Palace what it is today. Although only eight years old, the history of Palace Skateboards in the UK (known today as Palace) is extremely interesting. The clothes of the Palace brand are a great British success but also worldwide, it is not surprising to see fans wait hours before the opening of one of their stores to fall on the nuggets Today, they are passed from selling Palace T-shirts in a handful of stores across London to having stores around the world!


Why is the Supreme brand a global success?

We could not do this article without addressing the famous Supreme brand which has become a luxury brand.

Ask anyone to name a streetwear brand and the chances are 90% that this person quotes Supreme (admittedly, they don't have your streetwear culture) The unique approach of the New York brand transcendent mastery of perfection supply and demand, she used to sell in very small quantities so that each item is unique. This has created a sense of hype that sees fans queuing regularly for days just to get their hands on anything that carries this iconic company logo ... and even if it is a brick.

If you want to know more about the brand, do not hesitate to read our article on the history of Supreme


Off White: The brand with T-Shirts at 1000 €

Things like "influence" and importance are important concepts. And it's easy to see that the Off-White brand has 5.4 million followers on Instagram, that its founder Virgil Ablohen has 3.1 million. It's also easy to notice that Rihanna is wearing these clothes, and that the Nike Air Prestos designed by Abloh and released this summer have been mentioned more than 250,000 times on social media and were so hard to buy that they are now available for purchase. resale at approximately 450% profit margins.

The brand was created in 2012, and its popularity is old. But today it reaches heights that can turn your head. Its guiding principle is "all in quotes", this is what gives an ironic side to the brand. A shoe lace on a pair of $ 700 sneakers with the word "Laces" written on it, in quotes. A scarf with "scarf" written in short quotes, all in simplicity and yet this is what makes the success of Off White

Off-White is known for things like € 1,000 sweatshirts. After all, Off-White belongs to haute couture and differs from its competitors. But are you ready to take out € 1000 for a sweatshirt? It's for you to see.


The Bape brand and Japanese streetwear

When you think of Japanese streetwear, it is impossible not to think of the fashion designer BAPE brand, this brand has long served as a gateway for young people who engage in streetwear and everything around it for the first time. Famous for its iconic camouflage print and bizarre patterns, the brand is now one of the most coveted and respected in the world of streetwear and alternative fashion.

With its mixture of Japanese streetwear and American sportswear, BAPE has become a benchmark in terms of Japanese clothing. Their hoods in Dantesque style are also one of the key elements of their success.

6. Yukio HIshika (created in 1996)

Yukio HIshika history

Yukio HIshika is the story of a team of 5 young students passionate about streetwear who decided after a trip to Asia to launch their own brand of clothing, sneakers, printed t-shirts and accessories with Asian influences and casual style

The Yukio HIshika project is launched in 1996 with a first collection of a few limited items which quickly ends up out of stock after only a few days.

What made our success

From a simple collection of 7 pieces at the start, our streetwear shop now includes more than 500 clothes, sneakers and accessories.

Today we are a French brand with more than 90k followers on our Instagram and share our passion for streetwear every day!

We have a centerpiece in our success. Indeed our 3M reflective set has propelled us because it is a unique piece of its kind.

All of our products have been made by designers passionate about streetwear and Japanese culture, which is what makes us a unique brand for men and women.